Lomi Lomi & Ka Huna Hawaiian Massage is back to stay

LOMI LOMI & KA HUNA HAWAIIAN MASSAGE: Lomi Lomi simply means “Massage” & is a unique healing technique originating from the master healers in Hawaii. It is safe, nurturing & relaxing & can release physical, emotional & spiritual blockages. Often felt like waves moving over the body, the therapist uses fluid, continuous & rhythmic full body strokes either with the hands or forearms. On the physical level, muscle stress & tension are relieved, blood & lymph flow assisted & the elimination of wastes & toxins stimulated. The flowing movements relax the entire being, assisting the recipient in letting go of old beliefs, patterns & blockages, which can be stored in all cells of the body. When the energy of the body is restored & calmed, healing can begin. Aloha.