Karen Dowse


Karen Dowse

Remedial Massage Therapist

Interests: Prehabilation Sports Therapy; Nutrition; Triathlons; Ironman

Available: Thursday and Friday

Karen is a Remedial Massage Therapist with over 15 years’ experience of relieving the aches and pains of clients. She gained her early experience in a chiropractic clinic, massaging clients prior to their adjustments. She also supported the practice of a naturopath by providing clients with deep tissue massages to aid digestion, banish bloating and boost immunity.

Karen has a particular interest in prehabilitation sports therapy, which she is currently studying. She aims to use sports therapy in conjunction with remedial massage to prevent injury as an integral part of a physical therapy treatment plan. Through the study of sports therapy Karen can alert clients to weaker areas of their body that might need attention to prevent injury happening.

When Karen isn’t healing others you can find her competing in marathons or cycling a few hundred kilometres preparing for a triathlon. Her ultimate goal is to compete in an Ironman challenge. Good nutrition plays a key role in Karen’s life and she enjoys the benefits of being a vegetarian.

If you’re feeling battered and bruised by the pressures of modern life and need to reduce stress and ease painful, tense muscles, Karen’s strong, deep, sweeping massage motion will unravel knots on a physical and mental level. Using her hands, arms and elbows in a variety of massage techniques, Karen will leave you feeling relaxed, replete and rejuvenated.

Had the best message, absolutely worth coming here.

Patti, Khem and Karen are amazing - best remedial massage I've had in Melbourne!

Patti and team are amazing. They consistently give the best massages I have experienced in Melbourne. I have been going regularly for the last three years, and would never go anywhere else

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