Who We Are


We are the multi modality clinic established in 2002 for complementary therapeutic treatment including numerous massage styles, acupuncture and exercise physiology.

Natural Therapies are a safe and gentle form of healing that help stimulate the body’s innate healing abilities. Treatments are focused on finding the underlying cause of disease, not just treating signs and symptoms. In this way, treatments are tailored to suit the individual to achieve maximum results.

Our modalities include all treatment Below

Our Services



Deep Tissue Massage is a relaxing, yet firm massage, designed to relieve chronic complaints and release tight & aching muscles. As part of this treatment, cupping may also be incorporated to further release tension.

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Relaxation Massage is a soothing, gentle massage designed to relax the nervous system and relieve the physical tension & pain caused by everyday stress & strains.

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Thai Fusion Massage – is a combination of Western Therapeutic Massage and Traditional Thai Massage. The treatment starts with oil-based Therapeutic Techniques, aimed to warm and relax the muscles and tendons, increase blood flow and invigorate the lymphatic system.

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Remedial/Clinical Massage involves having a full postural assessment to determine which structures are out of balance and correcting them using various soft tissue techniques. It is used for dysfunctions in the body, caused by soft tissue injuries or over use.

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Acupuncture is one of the oldest systems of medicine, dating back at least 3000 years. The underlying principle of Acupuncture is to treat a person as a whole rather than the isolated treatment of specific symptoms.

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Cupping is often used in conjunction with massage, but is also a treatment in its own right. It is an ancient therapy, performed by introducing heat to create a vacuum inside a cupping vessel.

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Reflexology activates the body’s natural healing powers and works to establish the equilibrium necessary for normal functioning & wellbeing. This type of foot massage may improve circulation, reduce stress & tension and improve nerve supply to organs & tissues of the body.

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Pregnancy MASSAGE

Pregnancy Massage is available to you at any stage through your pregnancy, we will cater especially for you and make you as comfortable as possible.

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Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage was originally developed as a beauty technique to improve & nourish the skin. It is a very gentle massage style, which has since been used to help a wide range of medical complaints. Detoxifying, relaxing & replenishing, lymphatic drainage is a unique experience.

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